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dahling, hi

7 May

first off, I just want to make it clear that I’m not some young raa raa, running round Soho with daddy’s credit card, lounging in Home House by day, and shagging D-list celebs in Chinawhite by night.

I’m also not a pretentious arthouse filmmaker who essentially is making films because they’re too lazy to get a full time job.

I think what’s made me take the plunge into attempting to make my first film is:

firstly, the want to make something that is mine, and that I can control – one of the things I find frustrating when working on other people’s projects is having to hold my tongue when I see them going in a direction I don’t agree with,  but which is not my place to call;

and secondly, well, pure, unadulterated impatience.

surely this must be true for a lot of young first-time filmmakers.  when you’re youngish, you have far less to lose if it all goes tits up.  most people don’t have a mortgage, or kids, or perhaps even an other half to think about.  hell, I can barely schedule taking care of my cat (his name is tiberius.  yeah, I know, it’s awesome…).  so it makes sense that we can act a bit crazy and have a shot at something we shouldn’t really be shooting at for at least another 10 years or so.  my parents actually like the fact I’m doing this, they think it’s brave.  it isn’t.  if I was 40 and had a reputation to ruin, money to squander, or a family to alienate, it would be, but I don’t.  essentially, this is a gamble, and I have enough “no-strings” and “years-left” chips spare to throw at it.

this blog will follow my learning curve as I try to blag being a producer, despite only having worked up to production coordinator level before.  I intend to include enough practical information so that other first-timers can be helped by reading it.  time costs money and vice versa, and if I’d known half of what I’ve learnt in the last year and a half, I probably would be around 5 months further down the production line, and about £5,000 less broke. the film I’m producing is a low-budget British independent horror, so pretty standard for a first film.  so yeah, subscribe, and throughout next week I’ll bring you up to speed with the production.

big love xx

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