lingo #3: she’s all that

12 May

I know I really should write a lingo post which actually helps people…but to hell with it, I’m going to write about something which amuses me about the stereotypical producer.

the way they talk.

particularly with female producers.  you can hear them coming a mile off: their laughs, darlings! and air-kisses reverberate around studio cafes as they sweep in and out avec entourage.

they either have generic London accents, or are cultivating them (I mean the London-Surrey kind, not the London-Essex kind, god forbid). they exaggerate. they mostly have long black hair which gets thrown around a lot in a kind of confident, business-like way.

you can tell whether or not they approve of the guy they’re talking about, by noticing if they refer to him as a boy or a man, regardless of his age: it’s either oh, she broke the POOR boy’s heart. such a SHAME, such a GORgeous boy, or, oh my god, I saw that VILE man in the cafe queue earlier. the one we didn’t cast, I KNOW! you’re going to HAVE to pick up my lunch from now on, I just CAN’T BEAR it.

similarly, ladies they get on with are lovely girls, and those they don’t are ghastly women.

the stereotypical producer makes sure she demonstrates just how creative and intelligent she is by use of flamboyant vocabulary, constantly. things can’t just be disappointing, they’re horRENdous. the pitch last week wasn’t slightly rushed, it was a NIGHTmare.

when I first started working in the industry, I was 18 and reserved in a kind of dismissive way.  like you have to be when you’re 18.  I listened to these people, who were able to simultaneously bark and drawl, (a seemingly impossible feat) and wondered why they felt the need to be so damn affected.

but after a month, phrases like woefully inept, completely abysmal, the most atrocious behaviour, and, I could have died were slipping out of my mouth, too.  I found that gushing, oh, thank you so much, you’re an absolute star! at some guy we needed a favour off gave a 60% higher success yield than simply saying thanks, I really appreciate it.

of course, I had to be careful not to speak like this around my school friends.  at a time when we all wore variations of the same outfit from Morgan, and where boyfriends were won or lost according to how well you pulled off a house party,  I would have sounded far too self assured.

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5 Responses to “lingo #3: she’s all that”

  1. kate May 12, 2010 at 4:10 pm #

    haha, this made me laugh!!! i just started workin as a prod assistent and its totally true, my production manager is jus like that!!

  2. messytessy May 12, 2010 at 4:54 pm #

    thinking about it, the above article is true for female producers, but not really male producers. probably male producers have given up trying to out-drama male directors, so just go with being sensible?

    • theproducerexperiment May 13, 2010 at 11:37 pm #

      hmm, actually you are right. although male producers do still tend to be over-confident in a kind of schmoozy simon cowell way. that’s not to say I’m scorning either male or female producers, I just find it interesting that this character trait is automatically bought out as a kind of professional tool

  3. pienbiscuits May 20, 2010 at 12:24 pm #

    Every business has it’s own language, but at least yours is interesting and funny.

    As someone who is a film punter as opposed to a business insider, I like your assessment of the producer. You stressed the words in just the right places, so I was able to imagine the scenarios. A London dialect must be cultivated daahling. It’s the only currency in town. Personally, I’d go for the London-Essex. At least you feel they’re ‘real,’ otherwise it’s all so horRENdous!

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